Thursday, December 3, 2015 @ 13:06 

Hey hey so yesh yesterday, (2 Disember 2k15) berakhir lah zaman persekolahan ku setelah berperang dengan paper  spm for 1 month. ( 2Nov - 2Dec)

It's sad to leave friends that always with me at school, making stupid and lame jokes, share stories, study together and ponteng pun together. It breaks my heart when i think of them. Surely, i will miss them so much after this. I never thought that we could be so close even though i was only there (the school) for only two years. Almost do everything together and just have fun. Never never thought that you guys could be so important and precious to me 💚

So yes, just let's enjoy look at my collection of photos for this year.

Masa januari tak silap. Hias kelas

Senamrobik for merentas desa

 Yezza. Eh ain, buat apa tu? :p

Kem at Photo Valley:

Ye, ini lah koperator koperator yang sanggup mengorbankan masa rehatnya untuk melayan kome kome di koperasi.

 Me, Kama and Nik ft the juniors during hari koperasi.

 Nikki iolls

after balik dari upm kot. haha i couldn't remember this

 My "beloved" classmates during sambutan hari raya. (19/39)

Me and my ?!!?!?

 At taylor's

us ft Amar Bahrin? Hahaha he's close enough to him ok. Kalau dengar suara pun sama

Got a same team with Cikgu Azian for aktiviti hari guru. She's also is my fabulous math teacher

My "beloved" classmates again.

Before graduation

After graduation

Me, Tarif and Myra 

Our really last day in the class before spm!

Amer a.k.a tukang karut 5 Akaun 1
Extra class for ekonomi asas on 1 December, a day before our paper on 2 December

So yes, this is yesterday. After habis semua paper.

akaun 1 girls ft akaun 2

ft Kamalia. my beeeeeeeeeeeeest buddies ever. thankyou duduk sebelah aku for 2 years. even kau selalu buat aku sakit hati tapi takpe, itu la yang aku ingat hahaha.

my toiletmates, my gossipmates, my pontengmates, my tikusmates and my sakaimates. thankyou guys for this 2 years of friendship. insyaAllah, 2 years and still counting 💗💘


Dear everyone that i know at SMK Alam Megah, my teachers, classmates, best friends and juniours? (not sure sbb i didn't close with any jr bcs didn't get a chance since i was there for only two years) you guys are really precious to me. it's sad for me to leave school, leave everything, the memories that i build there. but yeah the memories will remain forever in my heart. we are such a family. i thank Allah for letting me to get to know you guys. take care everyone! 😘